by-mohit kumar

we have 9 different varieties of breakfast options  that just delicious

1.BACON Bacon is considered as America’s all time favorite breakfast food

 2.CHICKEN AND WAFFLES this is the mouth-watering dish with butter and syrup it can be the perfect choice for everyone.

3.PANCAKES Pancakes have always been a great choice food among the people.

4.HOME FRIES Home fries are one of the best option for their crispiness.

5.AVOCADO TOAST this is a delicious breakfast choice for all the americans.

6.BREAKFAST SANDWICH breakfast sandwich is a quick and easy option to have in the morning.

7.BREAKFAST      WRAP breakfast wrap is a great option where we combine all your favorite meats, cheeses and vegetables into one delicious tortilla.

8.SAUSAGE Sausage is one of the popular breakfast option because of its smoky and spicy flavor .

 9.FRENCH TOAST french toast could be the tastier option to have in the morning.