by-mohit kumar

Here are the steps for starting Online banking in U.S.A.

1. choose Your Bank Decide what bank or credit union you want to do business with

Some factors to think about include fees, ATM availability, if you want just a basic account or a suite of services, and if you prefer a national, regional or community bank.

2.Choose Your Accounts Checking, savings and money market accounts are the most common bank account types, but their terms and conditions vary

3. Submit  Your Documentation  To open a bank account online, you have to submit photo of your driving license or passport or any  other government-issued ID.

then you have to submit yor email address  and phone number.

If you're below18, you'll need someone older to sign up with you as the joint owner of the account with IDs.

Be ready with your updated identification , because expired IDs gets declained.

4. Fill Out the Online Application you have to access the webportal This is where you'll provide your personal and contact information (including mailing address, phone number, date of birth and email),

Most banks ask funds to open an account online.but some of the banks like Chase Bank gives new customers the option to add funds afterwords .